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The company DOTCOM Informationstechnik GmbH offers the necessary know-how and potential to meet our demands concerning hardware. With flexibility and quick responses, they ensure both the economic movability and dynamism the customers request in a demand-oriented IT environment. A reliable and professional partner is therefore essential and indispensable.


The company's target group mainly consists of small and medium-sized businesses in the Styrian region. Dotcom guarantees competent consulting and finding the optimal solution for you based on long-standing experience. The well-trained technicians and support employees ensure the availability and sustained operational readiness of the customer's IT for many years.


DOTCOM Informationstechnik GmbH plans, implements and successfully maintains economically reasonable and adequate all-in-one IT solutions in line with demand for nationally and internationally operating businesses - it is a company with a solid and consistent concept of services.


Central aspects of Dotcom's services

  • The hardware has to serve the aims of the customer – not vice versa
  • The technology has to manage current requirements and be ready for future development
  • A new system has to provide investment protection and be economically reasonable
  • The top priority is neutrality with regard to producer and product


New technologies are being efficiently used according to their slogan "Ahead of time".

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