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OpenERP is not just a software company. It is a network of customers, partners, community members, investors and employees. They all contribute to the vision and performance of ERP and business applications, and work to revolutionize and continually improve this enormous software package.


OpenERP was founded in 2005 by CEO Fabien Pinckaers. Fabien had the vision that the source code had to be released in order to live up to the expectations of customers and also achieve a continuous imrpovement by the users themselves. So if we speak of OpenERP, we refer to all people that participated in the development of this great business software.


The partners

More than 400 partners rely on our software and support customers in over 70 countries! As a strong partner of OpenERP, Solvate Information Technology stands for stability and user friendliness in all itsprojects!


The community

Approximately 2000 people engage daily in further development and improvement of this software! The name for the ERP-System was changed from OpenERP to odoo in Mai 2014.


The investors

OpenERP was primarily financed by Sofinnova, one of the leading European Venture Capital companies, and Ilias Manager Xavier Niel and Olivier Rosenfeld.


The employees

The company already has more than 180 employees. That makes 180 talented people who collaborate in one big project and enjoy their work and success. We are always looking for new talents to join and enhance our team.

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