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With the enterprise resource planning software odoo (formerly OpenERP), all your company-related internal processes can be illustrated and managed. It includes the modules Accounting, Warehouse, Manufacturing, Human Resources, Project, CRM and many more.


The ERP-System odoo is used in over 70 countries by more than 400 partners! By now, the community of developers consists of 2000 people, who work on the software's improvement on a daily basis. Moreover, large-scale investors, such as Sofinnova - one of the leading Eeuropean Venture Capital companies - also participate in OpenERP.


With odoo, you obtain a powerful product and high-performance tool, which allows for customization according to individual workflows, processes and graphic requests.


Business Applications:

  • Basic module¬† |¬† Manages all data regarding partners (customers and suppliers).
  • Products¬† |¬† Contains pricelists, core data on articles, management of units for Sales and Purchase.
  • Sales¬† |¬† Tracking quotations and order management.
  • Purchase¬† |¬† full acquisition management.
  • Accounting and Finances¬† |¬† Invoices, credit entries, account system and chart of accounts, SKR03, cost location, pre-registration, reports, transfer balance.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)¬† |¬† very flexible helpdesk function with integrated email reception, contact history, form emails, text messaging, cover letters.
  • Helpdesk ticket system¬† |¬† Automated email reception, definition of norms, email response.
  • Project Management¬† |¬† Time tracking according to project, invoicing based on project time, Gantt chart, projects with sub-projects and tasks.
  • Warehouse Management¬† |¬† Stock and distribution management, own warehouse and partner warehouse, documentation of flow of resources, managing the movement of materials.
  • Manufacturing¬† |¬† Defining production facuilities, set-up time, work schedule, workload, costs, procurement planning.
  • currently more than 280 further modules, accounting charts and country-specific features.


OpenERP - Screenshot


Before odoo is implemented in your company, your internal processes will be analysed and, if necessary, optimized for a functional and efficient transfer into your ERP system. Each employee will then obtain an individual system surface according to personal tasks.


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