Reach your goals with sustainable project management


Etymology (Latin): "proiectum" that which is thrown forward  and "manum agere" actuated yb hand


With professional project management, your resources will be efficiently deployed, as we assume reasonable project planning and devide the necessary tasks into adequate work packages with the help of advanced technologies


We have solid experience in project management and the implementation of software systems. Depending on the scope of your project, we will choose a suitable management method and the necessary degree of detail. nIn this way, you will obtain the best cost-benefit ratio for your desired outcome.


With project management by Solvate IT on the way to success


Our methods are always up-to-date, enabling Best Practice. The basis of our successful project management are our clearly defined standards and our policy of continuous improvement.


Our services:Projektmanagement

  • Individual project organisation
  • Definition of aims and boundaries

  • Process-oriented project structure
  • Continuous Controlling


In addition to stipulated aims, performance, quality and costs, the factors organisation, resources and risks play an important role during the stage of project planning as well. We also consider the context, particularly the company's corporate strategy and the social environment, and integrate them into the project.


At the end of each project, we conduct a Lessons Learned meeting in order to reflect on the experience gained throughout the project.  In case of a follow-up project, we will document the outcome of this meeting and use it for further project planning.


Are you looking for an independent project manager or do you support with regard to project management? Contact us for a noncommital informational interview.

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